News from the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair

There is an endless amount of Scandinavian design at Stockholm Furniture Fair, here are some of things we’ve liked at this years’ exhibition. Continue Reading ➝

On cover image: OSLO lounge chair by Muuto

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to the famous Scandinavian Furniture Fair in Stockholm to see what’s new in Nordic Design. As always, there was no shortage of beautiful Scandinavian furniture.

Only by walking around and taking pictures in this huge exhibition, we felt that we had collected a years’ supply of Nordic inspiration. In many case, the exhibitors really made an effort not only to display their furniture, but also to create complete ambiences by choosing the accessories, colors and lighting all in harmony.

We especially liked the stands of MUUTO and Materia, they both created a lovely atmosphere. We also loved the products of &Tradition and WOUD, both are young and talented new brands on the Scandinavian market.

As for the design trends, we’ve seen a number of references to 60’s and 70’s furniture. In fabrics, the resurgence of the bouclé is quite evident, and the use of rounded geometric shapes and vivid red and orange colors reminded us of that era. I’m really curious how this trend will evolve (or die) in the next couple of years.

Images © Lili Ambrus / Nordic Home

New Products at the Stockholm Furniture Fair: ARC Table

The Arc coffee table resembles a large cake, and it features a special rotating-sliding tabletop. Continue Reading ➝

This special side table, called Arc, resembles a large cake or a ‘fromage’. It’s made of ash wood, and it has a rotating-sliding tabletop, so you can easily put away your mess when guests come.

Arc was designed by young Danish creators, Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad in 2018, and its production has just started by an up-and-coming Danish company called WOUD. The table is available in two sizes, price is around $600 for the smaller and $750 for the larger one.

Images © WOUD

New Products at the Stockholm Furniture Fair: BOND Shelving

This solid wood shelving is an another example when the practical Scandinavian thinking and thoughtful woodworking result in an excellent product. Continue Reading ➝

This simple, solid wood shelving is called Bond. I think it’s a beautiful example of how the practical Scandinavian thinking paired with thoughtful woodworking result in an excellent product.

The modular shelving is made up of just five basic elements, and it can be assembled easily by hand without any tools. It can be set up as a regular, floor standing storage, but you can also mount it on the wall or hang it from the ceiling.

Bond is a new addition to the Fogia collection, and it was designed by Elin Rahnberg and Martin Berling. No information on the price, but given the price level of the Fogia collection, it should be in the $1000 – $1500 range.

Images © Marcus Huber / Fogia

Delicate and Delightful

The curved ‘Flower’ coffee table has become an iconic Scandinavian piece since its introduction in 2004. Continue Reading ➝

The ‘Flower’ coffee table is a beautiful, delicate, organically shaped item. It was created by the talented Danish designer Christine Schwarzer in 2004, and not surprisingly, it has since become an iconic furniture of the Swedish manufacturer SWEDESE.

The table is available in a number of different sizes and heights, and for the wood parts you can choose between birch, oak or even walnut. Prices start $650.

Images © Swedese Möbler AB

Mid-Century Luxury

Take a look at this really cool and unique sideboard, created by the master craftsmen of Denmark. Continue Reading ➝

This fascinating sideboard with a seamless tambour front was created by the renowned Danish cabinetmaker duo of Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl. The sideboard is part of their famous Naver Collection, a furniture series inspired by the Mid-Century modern era.

This particular item, the AK 2730 features a body and side tambour doors made of solid wood, a scratch-resistant white Corian countertop, and stainless steel wire legs and handles. The choice of wood for the cabinet includes ash, oak and walnut. Inside, it has three compartments with slide-out drawers and adjustable shelves. Price is around $3800 for this stunning sideboard, handmade in Denmark.

Images © Naver Collection / Aksel Kjersgaard A/S / Gramrode Møbelfabrik A/S

A Talented Icelandic: Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir

So far, we’ve presented a number of Danish, Swedish and Finnish designers on this blog, now it’s time to strengthen the Icelandic front a bit! Continue Reading ➝

So far, we’ve presented a number of Danish, Swedish and Finnish designers, but we still lack some Icelandic creators on this blog. We’ve started out with a with this successful young designer some time ago, now we continue with a well established, award-winning Icelandic designer: Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir.

Óskarsdóttir studied at the prominent Danish Design School in Copenhagen, then started working as a freelance designer in Reykjavik. During her career she has collaborated with companies such as the German firm Ames or the Danish Getama.

Her love for curved, organic forms is evident, and this is paired with a great sense for details, thus creating true Scandinavian items. Below are some of her most notable furniture designs. For more, you can visit her website here.

Images © Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir

Some ‘Modern’ Woodworking

Danish company Magnus Olesen has created a new classic in this wonderful solid wood armchair. Continue Reading ➝

This marvellous wooden chair, called Butterfly, evokes the era of the early Scandinavian modernists. But this is actually a brand new piece of furniture created by renowned Danish designer Niels Gammelgaard, and manufactured by Magnus Olesen. The comfortable, curved seat is made of laminated plywood and the legs and armrest are beautifully crafted solid oak wood.

The method of creating the seat and backrest from a single form-pressed plywood sheet, was first developed by Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino Marsio in the late 1920-s, and resulted in such masterpieces like the Paimio Armchair.

Images © Magnus Olesen AS Denmark

BAENK Bench With Extras

This cool wood bench has a hole cut in that can be used to hold umbrellas, or to place a small plant. Continue Reading ➝

This cool little bench, called Baenk (which simply means bench in Danish) is made of beautifully crafted oak wood and comes with an upholstered seat. The hole can be used to hold umbrellas or to place a small plant, and the other side is carved out, creating a small tray. It’s a perfect item for your Nordic style hallway – if you are willing to pay the price of about $1400.

It was designed by Studio NUR, a young Danish brand founded by architect Maja Bøgh Vindbjerg, and is produced by the Danish furniture company WOUD.

Images © WOUD Denmark

Sculpture or Furniture?

This exceptional Scandinavian piece was created, surprisingly, by a Spanish artist. Continue Reading ➝

This fascinating armchair is called ‘Ro’, and it resembles a sculpture with its undulating shapes clad in beautiful, elegant fabrics. It’s a true, high-end Scandinavian piece.

Surprisingly, the creator is a Spanish artist and designer called Jaime Hayon.

The chair is manufactured by the historic Danish company Fritz Hansen. (This is the company that also produces Arne Jacobsen’s iconic furniture pieces.) This suggests a hefty price tag for this armchair as well, and it is, starting at around $3000.

Images © Republic of Fritz Hansen

Practical and Colorful Florinda

This colorful chair a perfect example of how different materials can be combined seamlessly in a product. Continue Reading ➝

The ‘Florinda’ Chair was created by talented Swedish designer Monica Förster. (She is not new to this blog, I’ve written about her unique paper lamp in this earlier post.) These vibrant colors are not very typical of Scandinavian design, however, this chair was designed for the Italian furniture manufacturer De Padova.

What I like about this chair is how materials with very different characteristics are combined seamlessly. Here, the solid beech wood frame is coupled with a painted ABS plastic seat and backrest, creating a unique, cheerful dining chair. Price is around $480.

Images © Monica Förster Design Studio / De Padova

A Fabulous ‘New’ Wegner Chair for 2018

This cool and stylish chair and sofa were created by world famous Danish designer Hans J. Wegner in 1952, and is now back in production. Continue Reading ➝

This cool and stylish chair and sofa were created by world famous Danish designer Hans J. Wegner in 1952. However, the production of the furniture stopped sometime in the 70’s. Now, the official manufacturer of many of Wegner’s designs, Carl Hansen & Søn dusted off the old chair, and started manufacturing these beautiful items once again.

The slim armchair features elegant, carved wood handles, rounded wood legs and a beautifully upholstered curved body – a true Scandinavian design in its every detail.

The old-new product was presented at the Milan Furniture Fair this April, and is available from September, 2018. Considering that Wegner designed over 500 furniture during his career, I wouldn’t be surprised, if we saw a few other of his products reappearing in the next few years.

Images © Carl Hansen & Søn

Time to Buy a New House(bed)?

The Bed House is a place where kids can really feel at home.
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Lit Maison or ‘Bed House’ was created by talented French designer duo Bonnesoeurs. It’s a simple but great idea: kids love having their own island at home, which they can inhabit and decorate by themselves. The bed house is made of solid beech wood from French forests, and it includes a slatted bed base. Price is $700.

The Bonnesoeurs agency, which literally means ‘good sisters’, was founded in 2009 by Lélia and Thélissa Deshayes. They do home decoration, design and photography in a very clean, light and minimalistic manner – check out their site for more of their work!

Images © Bonnesoeurs, or as signed on image

Framed Cabinets by IDÉE

These sideboards by Japanese IDÉE feature a solid wood frame that holds a random pattern of drawers inside.
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The Contour sideboard series is manufactured by IDÉE, a Japanese producer of Nordic style furniture. The cabinets are made of maple, walnut or narra wood, and are available in various sizes and colors. Prices start at around $200.

I really like the narra frame with the light green and white stained drawers. The darker version has a cool retro style, with a color pallette that is reminiscent of the 60’s. Also by IDÉE is the popular ‘tiny sofa’, we’ve presented earlier.

Images © IDÉE

BAMBI & Friends Are Here

Take a look at the cheerful Bambi Chair and her friends, the Cow and the Sheep!
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The merry little Bambi Chair was designed by Takeshi Sawada for Elements Optimal. The chair is made of solid oak wood and the seat is upholstered with soft fake fur. Its good friends are the Sheep Chair and the Cow Chair.

Elements Optimal is a young Danish brand of children’s furniture and accessories, established in 2013 in Copenhagen. Price for the Bambi is $250.

Images © Jeppe Carlsen / Elements Optimal